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After School Program

Mt. Holly ASP

The Mt Holly After School Program is a part of the TRSU After School Programs. The TRSU After School programs serve children in grades K-10 at Mount Holly School, Ludlow Elementary, Cavendish Town Elementary School, Chester-Andover Elementary School, and Black River High School Middle School, both during the school year and for 9 weeks during the summer. For more information visit: https://sites.google.com/trsu.org/trsu-asp/home

MHS ASP Cookbooks

Julie Goraj

Mt Holly After School Program  
Site Coordinator

Welcome Back to the ASP!

We're so excited to begin the new 2017-2018 school year at the Mount Holly After School Program! 

The program begins Monday, September 11th. Below you will find the current newsletter, ASP Handbook, subsidy application, contact registration sheet and Fee Schedule.  

Please contact me at julie.goraj@trsu.org if you have any questions.

                                                                                        Julie Goraj

Below are some photos and videos too from the 2016-2017 activities:

ASP 16-17


Creative Carpentry: Catapult.mp4


Creative Carpentry: Lion.mp4

Media & Moviemaking Projects

Click this link to watch Claymation Videos created this winter by the Media & Moviemaking group: 


Click  this link to watch the group's Superhero live action movie created during our spring sessions. 

Many thanks to Adam Sayre and LPCTV for his help with these activities and the use of the equipment!

After School Program Forms

Enjoy these photos of some special moments from past years!

ASP 15-16